The 365 Commitment

Day 4 – Imagine the Perfect Week

Can you imagine the perfect week one year from now? Just think about that perfect week. What would you be doing that week that would be the culmination of some great accomplishments?

Would you be vacationing on that new yacht you just purchased?

Would you be having an important call for that new role you got promoted to?

Would you be scheduled to compete in a marathon that week as well?

Would you be attending some special event that signifies who you will become?

Who are you spending time with that week? What are you doing? What are you wearing?

Do you wake up one of those mornings and put on a pair of pants or dress that is 4 sizes smaller?

What are you working on? What is important to you?

Perhaps you are closing a deal that week, or signing an agreement of some importance?

Can you visualize that entire week, perfectly?

In fact can you get so good at visualizing that future week that it becomes a memory? A memory that is destined to become true.

Guy Reams


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