The 365 Commitment

Day 6 – Number of Anchors

So I have anchored my boat twice this year. That is 2 Anchors. When I pulled the anchor after my daughter and her friends were done swimming, I thought, now that would be a different way of looking at life. Instead of the usual metrics, maybe I should start counting instances that symbolize that I am engaged in a behavior that symbolizes a significant part of my life that I want to improve. If I anchor my boat 20+ times in a year, is that success?

I started to ponder other similar things to measure. Welcome to the Team calls. How many times do you get to call someone and welcome them to the team? That is a pretty special moment for you and them. It also signifies an important step in improving your organization. So perhaps consider a certain number of Welcome Talks in a year.

Seems to me that life would be richer if we had metrics such as these. I can think of perhaps one or two more of similar significance. Perhaps I can invent some more?


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