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Any Direction is Good for a Blob

When you are a blob, a large gelatin like mass that is formless any direction you choose to start forming toward is a good thing. If you stay in the present condition, well then you will just be a blob.

A blob will have little impact from repetitions, number of sets of repetitions, 80% or 120% of failure. Blobs do not really gain anything from grip type either. You see if you try to train a blob to become a weight lifter then the best and only thing you should worry about is to get the blob to focus on actually lifting any weight or pushing any weight a little distance. That is it, anything else is frivolous. A blob is a blob and in order for a blob to become something different it requires focus for a long period of time.

So it is with me and anyone else that needs to focus on strength training again. For all intents and purposes, I am a blob. No use stressing the small things until I can get enough repetition and habit built for me to develop some form.


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