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Improve Inefficiency

Occurs to me that successful people do not necessary create new ideas, or come up with some earth shattering that revolutionizes the world. Steve Jobs, for example, was attributed to inventing the modern mobile phone. That is actually not even close to the truth. He did however, motivate a team to find a ton of inefficiencies and turn them into an approach, with a solid vision that produced a far superior product to anything in the market. I walked into a chicken fast food restaurant yesterday. Sort of like Chic-Fil-A, but not. This entrepreneuer decided to capitalize on Chic-Fil-A’s market advantage and improve and make more efficient unexploited resources. I think I will watch his success. He wants to start franchising, has 15 stores now.

So a new definition of success is to turn ineffecient resources into efficient ones. If you can do that with regularity, then you will find ways to generate superiority in a market where others have not.


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