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The Woman and the Beggar

I was in a long line to get onto a freeway onramp. An old beggar with a handmade sign was taking advantage of this situation by placing himself right at the meridian. As people would make a left turn, he would establish eye contact and challenge you not to help. I was in the process of avoiding eye contact when I noticed a woman get out of her vehicle and gave them beggar a $10 bill.

The beggar broke out in a big grin, smiled brightly. He expressed gratitude and the look of joy on his face was a great moment. He got $10! I then noticed the woman get back into her vehicle, and she too had the same expression. Joy at having helped another. She also had a tremendous grin on her face.

Both of these participants participated in an exhange that brought them joy, happiness and a sense of contentment. This all for the small cost of a $10 bill.

The other participant, me, got to keep my $10 bucks and got nothing. Well, a traffic ridden freeway drive for an hour and a half. There is that.


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