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Driving by Motif

I have learned that coming up with a motif is really important. Driving by motif. I have read many autobiographies and in almost every case, the great leader had a motif that influenced the culture of the team that was helping that leader. The Rough Riders. The Pirates. You name it, every group had their identify. When you identify the group, you move away from the the individual. Now, the individual is the core foundation and we must have individuals that are invested, work hard, are ethical and have a good appreciation for success. However, when you elevate above that to the “we” identify, things magnify. One of the most successful sports teams in history, in 1972, nicknamed themselves the “slaughter house five” which was a play on a popular memoir written in 1969. This team under Wooden, one the NCAA tournament for UCAL and went undefeated that season. Even more impressive was thier margin of victory average – almost 30 pts per game. They not only won, the completely destroyed their opponents. I am not sure if a theme follows success or success comes after a theme, but irregardless, a name matters. A name, a motif, captures the soul.


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