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Giving Away Value

To often we end up giving away the value that we can actually provide. Overtime, we accumulate knowledge, experience, wisdom and that can be valuable to another party. Often we will give that value away without thinking about it.

It is a good thing to impart wisdom where you can, eespecially if you actually know the topic and what you are imparting will benefit another person. However, it is a bad thing to trade the value you can provide for nothing. This is the same thing as showing up at a construction job, shoveling dirt all day long as requested by the job foreman and then walking away without any expectation for enumeration. Now we would NEVER do that!

However, we will take all the accumulated value what we have built and trade it off for absolutely nothing in return. Bad idea. Undervalues yourself and undervalues the relationship you are trying to build with others.

However, equally bad is to attempt to trade value that you do not actual possess!


Thanks, Guy

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