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You Are the Calvary

When I run I sometimes listen to spotify and random things will come up after listening to a song or something. This time a random podcast interview by Jocko (former Seal) came on. He was talking to a guest that was running for congress. I only caught 2 minutes of the intereview. The guest mentioned this concept that he found himself in a situation where he was waiting for the calvary.

I realized that I also do that. I wait and wait and wait. Hoping for the calvary to come and save me. I go out and fight hard in the trenches having faith that the calvary will indeed come. The problem is that there is no calvary. They never existed in the first place. No one is going to come and save me.

The startling revelation is that I am the calvary. I am my own infantry, armor support and calvary. The only one that is going to save me from my situation is me.


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