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Calm Before the Storm

Sea Mariners are a very old profession. If you think about it, they were traveling the world under wind power for many thousands of years. The art of sailing has been around for a lot longer then anything we have today. I think about that when I fire up both of my fuel burning V6 engines on my boat, and discover yet another problem to fix.
There are many phrases borrowed from this ancient craft, and perhaps one of the most common is “the calm before the storm.” Indeed many tropical storms would be proceeded by an eerie peaceful calm as the pending storm would gatehr strength from the warmth and moisture in the air.
The point is the calm before the storm is not a happy time, when everyone is oblivious to the pending doom. Rather it is a time when everyone is looking, waiting and watching for something to happen. They know it is going to happen and they have intense anticipation.
Be the one to make the first move.

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