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Lesson Learned from Cooking Turkeys

So I was determined to cook an decent Turkey. I had many failures over the years. When I mean cook a Turkey, I mean smoke a turkey with a old fashioned bbq smoker. So my failures have been legendary. An undercooked bloody mess, an overcooked charred carcass to many other weird failures along the bath. However, each time I have learned that my tweaking, poking, prodding and measuring does very little to help the end result. As it turned out, the successful turkey is 100% preparation and the rest is just to leave it alone. That is right, do nothing.

Now that I know what to do, how much fuel to apply, I know understand what it takes. Very little. Just maintain the temperature under the right condition, apply very little smoke wood and then do absolutely nothing. Take the Turkey off the smoker about 1/2 hour before serving time and there you go. Best Turkey happens every year.

All that worry and concern and I ultimately came to one single conclusion – do nothing.


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