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Art of Lying to Oneself

We condemn the concept of lying to yourself. Convincing yourself that everything is doing well, when it is clearly not. I think it is a good policy to always be truthful, solicit feedback and be aware of the reality that you are in. You hate to be “that person” who was completely oblivious to how they were being viewed to others. So in that sense, stop lying to yourself.

However, lying to yourself can also be a good thing. Especially when you need to tell your primal brain to shut the heck up and let you do what you are supposed to. Convince your primal brain that is absolutely necessary for you to perform an action. You see the primal side of your mind is really powerful. When you need it in a pinch, it is a marvel to behold. You see something dart out at you on a trail and the primal side of your being kicks in almost immediately and takes over motor function. So can you harness this power? The survival instinct?

I think you can! By lying to yourself! Frequently and Often! Convince your mind that something is they way it is and eventually you will accept in. You can memorize your future state so much that it will become a memory. You can convince yourself of a reality that is not there…yet. Trick that darn passive, lazy brain of yours to get with the program.


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