The 365 Commitment

The Future Does Not Exist

The future does not exist. Stop making promises to keep commitments tomorrow. Only now really counts.

We are constantly promising ourselves that we will “do that starting tomorrow.” The problem with that is that tomorrow does not exist. Yesterday, tomorrow, next week, next year are all concepts invented by us humans. They are conceptual only and do not exist. They are not tangible and no matter how much we can romanticize in our popular fiction that we can time travel, that just will never happen. So you are making a commitment or a promise to do something in a future concept that in reality does not exist. This is why it is not powerful.

The only commitment that has power is the one you are committed to doing right now. Now exists.

Tomorrow does not exist, so stop making commitments to do things tomorrow. Do them now, exist in the now because that is the only place you really can exist. Now is always better.

Sure, go ahead and promise yourself you are going to do something in the future, perhaps even the near future. Make your plans, organize your life, buy every needful thing. Buy a treadmill. Sure, go ahead and do all of that future planning stuff. However, you could also just walk outside your door and run around the block. That is something you can do right now.

The reason you want to do it tomorrow or some other future date is because you really just do not want to do it. You are trying to convince yourself and pushing your commitment to the future (or other non existent day) is a mechanism of delay.

Better idea. Do what you are delaying right now. While you are in the act of actually keeping your commitment, promise youself you will do it again the next day. That promise, your inner mind might actually believe. How many tomorrow’s have you promised to do something that never came? I have thousands of them. False promises, fake commitments. Tomorrows that became more tomorrows.

Only now counts. Make all the future promises that you want, remember all the yesterdays that you want, but the only thing that will really ever get you anywhere is the commitment you that keep right now.


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