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The Initial Plunge is Never Pretty

If you could see your face, taken by a really good underwater camera when you first hit a really cold pool of water, you would see a pretty funny sight. The reaction that you expect, the shock of cold all over your body all at once, is manifest pretty quickly. The face you make is well…ugly. When you take the plunge from state to another state, the initial results are ALWAYS ugly.

If you think that when you make a big change in your life, the initial plunge into the unknown is going to go perfectly, look awesome and be accepted by everyone then you will be seriously disappointed. The initial plunge is never what you think, you cannot fully prepare, and you cannot expect what is exactly going to happen and the way it will happen.

You CANNOT wait until you are 100% confidence of an easy entry. If you do then you will be the small child on the edge of the pool with just your toes in your entire life.


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