The 365 Commitment

Even a Little Counts

Even a little progress is still progress. Accumulate days of doing something rather than nothing.

I set out on my course this week to have some significant progress towards a goal. I outlined a measurable objective and several key strategies. My plan is to focus on one strategy each day, so that I can reach the target.

Yesterday I wrote about how important it is to focus on that one thing to get done today. To do that early as possible so that you can feel good about your progress. I also talked about preparing for and having a plan for obstacles that will come up.

There are going to be days when you are busy. Stress. Anxiety. Life events will get in the way. Like today for me. I have to get up early, get on my way to airport and head up to the Bay Area. My time is very limited.

On Sunday, I set a plan to have some items ready for the airplane so that I could use that time. I have some of that ready to go, but I am also tired already. The day has not even started and I am dragging. Not all days are perfect, despite what all the self help people like to portray.

This is a critical time for me. I must understand that even a little progress, is progress. Get something done. Check the box. Make progress toward you goal, everyday. Even if it is a little. Little counts.

What kills your progress toward goals are not the little days. The killer are the nothing days. If you have a great day at the gym, followed by 300 nothing days. You know what that means. The nothing days have all the power. Yet a great day at the gym followed by a string of little days is still progress. Forward progress is always good, no matter how small.

So on the tough days, do something anyways, even if the amount is pitiful. Do not feel embarrased by it. I have gone to the gym before and only went for 5 minutes. I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, but I went anyway. That 5 minutes did more for my internal mindset that 100 great days.

So on the bad days, do a little.

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