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The person that will have the greatest impact on your life, you have not met yet.

This week I am setting out to clarify to myself the core life principles that I follow. Most of these will be the concepts that I put into practice, wheras, there will be a couple that are aspirational. The first principle is one I learned from reading. I am sorry that I do not remember the author.

The person that will have the greatest impact on your life, you have not met yet.

This is a phrase that sticks with me. At first, your reaction will be negative to it. Yet after pondering for a few minutes you realize that the principle is powerful. Here is why.

There are people that you have met that have had an influence on you already. Your parents are the most impactful. Your spouse. Your children. A significant relative. An employer at work. A mentor. Those people are all part of you and may continue to be so. Yet, you are not done yet. There is more to discover and more to be. You have a life ahead of you. Your past is gone, forever.

All that you have is what is in front of you, and that is why this principle drives at your future progress. The people in the past have already had their influence. Your current and potential self has yet to develop. Take the attitude that there are people out there that you could meet that will have an impact on you. This will propel you forward to meeting people, reaching out, connecting with others.

Everyday, every event, every opportunity look for the chance encounter or meeting. Someone that you have not talked to before. Consider reaching out to people smarter than you. Better than you. More successful than you. Try to connect with people that you admire. People that you are fearful of. Find out who they are, why they have become what they are. Consider finding out what they are working on, and what they are passionate about. You will discover that there are many opportunities for you to grow.

You could meet the person that will have a profound impact on you. Better, you will meet that person. You will meet the person that will have the most sigifnicant influence. This is an attitude. A way forward. An action plan. Above all this is a formula for curiosity and humility.

Imagine if every year, you met a new person who became the greatest influencer on your life? Every year, you engage with another person that has that kind of impact. What would your knowledge, understanding be life after 10 years and 10 people like that!?

For one year, I kept a commitment to reach out to someone new everyday. It was a great experience and I would recommend doing something similar. Force yourself to attempt to connect to new people. You never know, you may run into that person that embodies this principle.

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