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You Could be Tired

Nothing is wrong with you. You are not doing good today because you are tired.

Has this happened to you?

You were going great. Everything was working out well. You had a great couple of days. Things were going according to plan. Then you wake up one day and you try to get going and you have the following symptoms.

  • You cannot think. Your thoughts are not staying focused at all.
  • You feel “stressed out” but cannot figure out why.
  • You are desperately looking for chocolate
  • You cannot sleep, or if you do, it is fitful
  • You feel lethargic and you start to show symptoms of dehydration
  • You drag yourself to the gym and you drag yourself around the gym.
  • Your mood is up and down like a yo-yo.
  • Everyone says it is cold in the house but you do not feel a thing.
  • You are looking for a game to download or a series to watch.

You are getting bummed out because you are not achieving your objectives. Your strategy for the day is slipping through your fingers. What is wrong?

The problem is that you are tired. Rest. Stop fighting it.

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Marjorie Pezzoli
3 months ago

So true, if I am not hydrated enough or hungry it adds to being tired

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