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I have proved 5 claims about fasting to be true in my own life.

So I like to try experiments to prove certain claims of health benefits. Call it my own personal bio hacking method. A hear a claim, so I lay out a course to try to prove it. Fasting is no exception to this, and I have tried many different forms and methods claimed to be beneficial by others. I have done various testing and have done blood work before and after prolonged periods of fasting. I am not making any medical claims of fact, but I am claiming that I have personally verified the following benefits that have been claimed by people. I have been able to gain personal, physical evidence of the following claims.

  1. Fasting reduces blood sugar spikes and improves the maintenance of blood sugar levels. I have proven this by doing glucose monitoring before, during and after prolonged fasting. This has definitely occurred with me and I have seen these effects manifest through non-scientific results as well. Less afternoon crashes. Less mood changes. Those types of impacts.
  2. Reduced Inflammation. I have proven this as well. There are certain markers that can be tested with blood draws. I do not know how reliable they are, but I have been able to significantly lower these with fasting. I do not know how long this takes, but I can tell the difference for sure. The difference is noted with reduced joint pain, less water retention and a bunch of other symptoms of inflammation that I have noted will reduce with fasting.
  3. Improved Blood Pressure. I have absolutely proven this to myself. I have tracked my blood pressure before, during and after fasting. I have watched my blood pressure drop and level off during a prolonged fast and I have seen that maintain as I introduced healthy foods back into my diet. I believe this is due to sodium retention, but not exactly sure on that. I just know the result. My blood pressure absolutely drops.
  4. Mental acuity. Many fasting advocates indicate that the brain structure and function is improved with fasting. I am not sure about all the evidence regarding nerve cell improvement, but I have noticed a return to mental focus. Whereas I can be distracted with a million things, a period of fasting will suddenly bring me back to an ability to focus. I will say that prolonged fasting does reduce mental ability. I am no where near as good a chess player fasting as I am well nourished.
  5. Increases metabolism. I think this is true because fasting cleans up your system and returns it to a state of normal operation. As a consequence, your metabolism speeds up. Also, you tend to eat less after ending a fast. Eating whole foods and less of them cause the body to really process nutrients rapidly.

There are many other claims. Fighting sickness, improving longevity, increase recovery time for strength training. I have not proven these out. However, I definitely can attest to the 5 listed here.

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