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The Breath of Life

Attribution - Ian Lott
Inspiration is the Breath of Life

Interesting thought. The word inspiration comes from the concept of breathing in, or being breathed into. If you really stop and think about it, the fact that humans even breath at all is a bit of a mystery. It just happens. We do not even quite consciously think about it, all though we can. We can cause our self to hold our breath or take a deep breath. When we are not paying attention the body goes on auto pilot and starts breathing. We certainly do when we are sleeping.

I am thinking about how this is something we take for granted. Especially since I found out I had been harboring a lung infection for a few weeks! The book of Genesis in the Bible says that God breathed into Adam his spirit. Interesting that the word inspiration and breath are related concepts. We have ah-hah moments that are quite literally sounds made by pushing breath out of our lungs forcefully.

So I conclude that the breath of life is indeed inspiration. I have come convinced that motivation is not really a thing. It is a false concept that we wait for, as if by excuse. I am waiting for motivation, almost like it is a guest that we have invited over and we are waiting for them to drop by. Rather motivation is something that happens, but seemingly only after inspiration.

I have become quite convinced that inspiration is something that we have complete control over. This is a skill that we should all learn to do well. If we can manufacturer inspiration, then we can become motivated. We can solve complex problems, develop new ideas, and change our lives. Inspiration and positive thinking are cousins and when we are inspired we are spontaneous and more importantly free of limitations and open to possibilities.

Inspiration is often the cure for life’s ills. It gives you a clear and concise view of what is going on in your life. You have immediately more energy. You are creative. On top of all that you mood improves and you have what people like to call a sense of contentment. You actually can control this. You just have to choose to focus on inspiration. Instead of waiting around for it to suddenly hit you, go out and proactively seek it.

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