The 365 Commitment

Day 365 – Mission Accomplished!

Today is the last day of my 365 day commitment to keep up a basic formula everyday. I decided to start each day creating a list of what was the most important to me, praying about that list, adding any inspiration or people I should help, prioritizing that list and making a commitment to the best I could to get that list done. At the end of each day I would review the list and report back in prayer committing to do better the next day. I made a promise to myself and to God that if I could follow this basic formula everyday for 365 days in a row that I would experience a magnificent change and that I would be well on the way to a new course in life.

I accomplished my commitment and the promise became true. I achieved more then I thought possible, I was blessed with more then I can possibly imagine and as I write this down I am feeling an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I was able to do this. This is no longer a 365 day commitment, it is now a life time commitment and tomorrow will be day 366 and I will keep this up until the day that I cannot. I am not intending to brag here by any means. I share this because if anyone has actually read this blog they have witnessed the intense journey I have gone through. I am assuming they would be celebrating with me at this accomplishment. It may seem simple, but for me, keeping any daily commitment for any length of time has always been impossible.

Just a quick catalog of what has change in my life since January 7th, 2018:

  • I have prayed every morning and every evening
  • I have started each morning with a list of what I considered the most important tasks for me to accomplish on that day
  • I have set a list of priorities for each day as part of that process
  • I have ended each day reviewing what I have accomplished
  • I have written a blog article everyday for 365 days
  • I have been waking up at or before 5am everyday since February 25th 2018 (315 days ago)
  • I have done +1 pushups, situps, squats everyday since February 25th 2018. I did 315 pushups, situps and squats today.
  • I am now performing a meditation routine at least once per day, everyday since July 8th 2018.
  • I have read scriptures or other spiritual text every day since July 8th 2018
  • I have written everything that I have eaten down in a diary since May 26th 2018.
  • I lost 65 lbs
  • My cholesterol levels, kidney function, swelling in my lower legs (edema), blood pressure which were all at poor or troublesome levels 365 days ago are now all perfect and in a healthy range
  • I made less money this year then I have in the last 5 years, but my net worth has increased and I am better off financially then I was a year ago
  • I have built a 100 room mind palace and can convert a long string of numbers into a remember-able story
  • I have memorized 280 digits of PI and can recite them at will
  • I have recorded 10 podcasts for my future 365 podcast channel that I am in the process of creating
  • I have ran everyday since February 25th 2018
  • I completed a 1/2 Mile Marathon event on January 5th 2019 completing in 1 hour and 48 minutes, averaging 8:16 per mile
  • I am scheduled for a full marathon on March 2nd 2019
  • I am now sleeping much better every night
  • I have reduced the cycles of depression and overwhelming anxiety that I used to experience. I now have tools to overcome those feelings quickly
  • I know exactly what I want to accomplish with my life and I am eager to for each new day that comes where I can put another item on my 365 list to make one more incremental step toward my future self

More importantly I have built some serious mind calluses, I can embrace the suck and every morning I ride at dawn. I have friends and family and a few people that I do not know that have also been trying this commitment. Their success is my success, and I look forward to hearing from others how keeping such a simple commitment can help them reach their goals.

Tomorrow, I will continue. I will start each day doing my best to improve myself, get to my future vision, to help others and to make the world around me a better place. I will end each day in gratitude for what I accomplished with a hope that I will be granted yet another day to try again. You will start hearing from another 365 member tomorrow. He will begin his journey with a (1).

For any who have read these blogs, thanks for being my audience. Some of you have sent me uplifting messages along the way and I thank you. I think the accountability of writing this blog everyday was part of the secret of keeping me honest and committed each and everyday.

Guy Reams (365)
365 Member




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Jeff Pazahanick
Jeff Pazahanick
4 years ago

Remarkable accomplishment Guy. Congratulations; very inspirational.
Looking forward to discussing this in person.
Quick question; are the +1 sit/push/squats in sets or straight?

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