The 365 Commitment

Day 1- Ask the Question

This is Ben Wagner, I am a founding member of The 365 Commitment.  Exactly one year ago today, Guy Reams and I had dinner and Guy shared his idea for the 365 Commitment.   He challenged me to join him and I did.  It has been an inspiring and eye-opening ride ever since.

The compelling question that got my attention was, “What if?”  What if I focused on building a regimen of daily good habits?  What would happen in my life as a result?  What would my life be like after 365 days?  The human mind seems to respond to questions automatically.  When we ask ourselves a question we can’t seem to stop our brain from trying to come up with an answer.  It’s automatic.  For example, ask yourself “what is 7 x 7?”   If you are like most people, your mind will automatically recall the answer 49.

Unlike basic math, the answer to the 365 question can only be derived after 365 consecutive days of commitment.   I still don’t know the answer to the 365 question.  I never managed to exceed 90 days in a row over the last year.  Incremental improvement and daily discipline over long periods of time has never been my strong suit.  I am a burst of energy kind of person, a creative type.  Yet . . . I still want to know.  I recognize the undeniable power of incremental effort that by and large has eluded me to date.   I want to know.

So, I began again on Jan 1, 2019.  And, now I am committing to writing a blog each day to hold myself accountable and create a record of the journey.

Do you want to know what your life would be like if you committed to 365 days of practicing/building good habits?  It’s an important and powerful question.  You may have a vision of the answer forming in your mind already.  I encourage you to keep that vision front of mind, and commit to finding out for yourself.  What if?

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