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The Great Placebo – 104 Days Left

If you are trying to achieve something great, then consider waking each morning and writing down the most important things that you can do that day to help you get to your goal. You will not be worried about planning for tomorrow, or someday, rather considering what can I do with the time allocated to me today? What is the most important things that I could actually get done today that will help me get closer to great?

At the end of the day, you can then check those things off and then retire the day knowing that you did the absolute best you could at trying to achieve greatness. This is the great placebo. The acknowledgement that you accomplished what you set out to do that day – has a powerful effect on your confidence, mental focus, and energy. I have also noticed that the sense of serenity you get at the end of the day, is better then any drug to calm you down.

Of course most days you will not achieve greatness, you will not get everything done. That is OK, you will learn to adjust and then repeat the next day. Here is an interesting note. More of your days are exactly like the days you have already experienced. We are in a repetitive loop on many days. We are experiencing Ground Hog Day. We can repeat days and keep focusing on what is important until we get it right.

So Mr. or Mrs. Connors when that alarm clock goes off and you start yet another day – what are you going to do this time? How are you going to make this one count?

Guy Reams
365 Alumni
104 Days Left to 1st Marathon

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