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Might the Noun not the Verb

Might has two core definitions. The first is a verb. It is an expression that says that something could possibly happen. Usually the context is that it is a distant possibility. When you think of doing something to improve your life and you use the verb might to describe your actions, you are one step away of saying never. However, might is also a noun. Might is a power, energy, an intensity. The noun might connotates all that you are capable of. A whole soul type of effort. When you put in all your might, you are truly giving everything you have to accomplish the task.

The power that you yield is your might. Definitely a noun to describe the strength of your individual or perhaps collective effort. A far contrast to the idea that you might do something to improve your life one day. I might run a marathon one day is a far cry from the statement, when I run a marathon at the end of the year I am going to give it all my might. On one hand you are describing a conditional possibility on the other hand you are defining who you are as a person.

We talk of giving all of our might to a cause, to a purpose, or to some ambition but have we really stopped to consider what that really means? Might is certainly not just body strength, although you could certainly use that word to describe that. Might, in my mind, refers to everything you have from every source. All the resources you can bring to bear to go after one single cause. I think Jesus said the first and greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. I think that is the concept. All your might is basically all you got. Everything.

Now consider this, have you actually given your whole soul to anything? More then just the platitude. I say it all the time to. I love my family more than anything I will say. However, do I love my family with all my might? Sort of changes the whole concept. Putting your entire might into something requires dedication, conviction, faith, trust, and a level of intensity that is just not common. I wonder how much more amazing we would be, or how much better the outcome would be if we really did give something all of our might.

Guy Reams

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