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Demons are Pipsqueaks

If you have a challenge, something you are having difficulty with, then you probably have some barriers or obstacles. I think it is important to realize that 90% of the obstacle is in your mind, 10% of it is actual reality. This is a general rule of thumb, an attitude if you will. So before you go saying that, my situation is different, mine is more like 75/25 please realize that I said attitude.

The problem before you is 10% of the actual problem. Sure there is some truth to your obstacle, good job in identifying it. However, 90% of that obstacle has been exaggerated by your mind. You are making it worse than it actually is. Right now I have a pile of laundry in my closet. This pile is preventing me from being organized right now, my whole world is falling apart because of this giant mountain of laundry piled to the ceiling in my closet. Well, reality is, I have a small pile of laundry and it would take me only 5 minutes to pick that up and put it in the wash machine. Suddenly, I would not have a pile of laundry anymore. Obstacle gone.

The giant big bad dragon, is really only a small lizard. We magnify everything, almost as if our problems are standing next to a projector lens and casting their shadow up in front of us on a big movie screen. Someone asks why are we not doing something, and we cringe in fright as we think about the problem. People look at us truthfully and see only 10% of the problem because in reality only 10% of the problem is true. The rest is a magnification of your primal mind making it far worse than it is.

Your demons are really pipsqueaks. When you look back on your life, with a relativist perspective you will see just how trivial they were and laugh at yourself. Like your adult self looks on your teen age self and giggles at the challenges that you had back then. Of course, there maybe some of us that had really big demons when we were teenagers, but interestingly enough, once you have slayed one giant boss any other boss of equal or less size is easy right? That is how it always works in a video game at least.

Guy Reams

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