The 365 Commitment

The Universe Knows – Day 1

So today is Day 900! Whoohoo. I have also made it Day 1 of my 100 day Challenge. I scheduled out several commitments that I am going maintain this 100 days. I was all excited to get started. However, the Universe Knows I am trying to accomplish something. I woke up today, and had major nose bleed and then a splitting headache most of the day. So great, all my plans out the window.

However, that is the point isn’t it? A commitment is a commitment regardless of the challenges that you run into. So part of the process is my ability to stick with something regardless of the setback. So I have a setback on day 1, oh well, full steam ahead! There is one thing that I have learned. 1 Day is nothing compared to 99 Days of consistency. The problem that most of us have is that we worry more about the 1 Day and less about the 99.

However, this seems to happen with way too much consistency. I put something out there and then I get hit with massive resistance, not from people, but just from my circumstances. That leads me to believe that there really is some universal antagonist out to get me! Well, if that is the case then I need to defeat my enemy! Not sure how to go about that. Maybe I need to put false information out in the universe to distract, mislead, and confuse the enemy! Like, I am giving up now, I am not going to do my 100 day challenge. Do not mind me, just going to go about my normal business! Please ignore me for the next 100 days.

Or maybe, I just need to come over the top. Complete shock therapy treatment. Like a tidal wave of initial effort that just defeats my enemy quickly and rapidly. On that thought, I sort of like this notion that there is some evil universal entity fighting me. I have always thought that God was on my side. Well, I think I still believe that, but now I have this thought that there is this other thing fighting my progress. So now I am the underdog! I love the underdog!

So I am creating a story here. I am taking on a giant fight against some overwhelming evil power, and I, the ragged street urchin is going to rise up, train, become a champion, fight the impossible fight. I will start out strong, then get beat back, and then when I am just about ready to be defeated I will scream out in defiance and conquer. Yup, this is me CREATING my hero story.

Guy Reams (900)

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2 years ago

Ephesians 6:10- 28 talks about being strong in the Lord and HIS mighty power putting on the whole armor of God. We have no power in our flesh. Satan does whatever it takes to keep us from reaching goals and growing stronger physically and spiritually. Soldiers don’t put on their armor one time and that’s it. No they put it on for the battle then take it off after the battle. The next day they go through the same process. Some believe they put on the armor of God on once and that’s it. I believe it’s a daily routine and we put it on daily and go Fight against the demonic forces in the heavenly realms!!

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