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Pick a Fight

Here is the deal. You are completely surrounded. The enemy is hitting you from every angle. If you just stand there and do nothing you are going to lose. You are going to get pummeled and trampled to death. Staying still is NOT an option. Imagine yourself alone on the battlefield surrounded by hoards of the enemy. You are strong, but if you stay still they will overcome your resistance. What is the best thing you can do?

Most likely it is to pick a spot, a direction to go in, pick the straightest way to get out of the midst of the enemy and fight your way to freedom. So that is what you need to do. Pick a fight in a particular direction and put your full energy into that direction and keep fighting until you break free. A mistake would be to change course, slow down, or to become indecisive. Once you pick your fight, that is it, time to put your shoulder into it and grit your teeth and head into the malestorm and put the enemy on their heels as you press forward in the melee.

This is an analogy to the way it is in our life. Life, as it were, is just as intense in the struggle. Staying still just does not seem to be an option. Pick a direction, and push forward with your full force, nothing doubting, nothing wavering and with that you just might find success. Actually, you probably will because the enemy (if that is what you want to call the forces opposing you) are not that organized. They are concentrated for sure, but you will find with a little effort in the right direction over a sustained period of time and they will give up and go after someone else.

If there has one thing that I have learned over this last 900 days is that any effort, well directed, toward a good cause will overtime accumulate into an overwhelming and unstoppable force. That is what you need on your side. So do not give up on the sign of resistance, in fact, relish in resistance. Let the din of battle ring through your ears, the lust for vengeance to cloud your vision, and rush madly, desperately but with direction and purpose into the throng of the enemy. You will discover, that past the few first ranks the enemy is not as strong as you thought. Pretty soon you will be swinging freely and you will appear as a giant among dwarves.

You can become stronger, you can become the wielder of a the two edged sword that cleaves entire ranks of the enemy in your path but that first comes as you dedicate yourself in a concentrated area with a singleness of purpose. Figure that out and you have, with a little hard work, have won your freedom.

Guy Reams (901)

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