The 365 Commitment

Be Unpredictable

Pretend for a minute that fate is really in control, that there is a force guiding you. I have often thought about this as a good thing. God is in charge, destiny is forged, you have been pre ordained for good or ill.

However, go with me on tbis for a minute. What if the negative force in our life attempts to compell us toward a fixed path. A set course of mediocrity. What if the good in our life encourages us to be free, to choose a path that leads to improvement and greatness beyond our dreams.

Indeed this may be true. If you allow yourself to be led blindly by a force that you do not know, what are the odds it is a good one? So if you let yourself fall into a rut, being led around and around in circles or to a miserable existence.

How do you combat that? How do you change your trajectory? How do you fool fate? How do you trick the trickster? Well, easy, became unpredictable! Set the world upside down. Give fate the middle finger! Well, check that, stick your tongue out at that unseen evil force that lulls you into compliancy. Do something different! Break the chains!

Guy Reams

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