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Smooth Paths

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to walk a smooth path? You are not concerned about rocks, uneven ground, obstacles, twists and turns. You can just march on your merry way with no thought on the path in front of you. However, here is a challenge. Smooth paths were built by someone else, and not by you. So where does this smooth path lead?

You see when you are following the easy, smooth path, you have little or no control over the direction. You are going to end up where that path leads, because that is the result following another path. Now if you like where the path leads, and the result is what you want, then happy day. However, inevitably, we want to choose our own destiny.

Consequently, let this be a warning to you. If you are seeking the smooth path, then you are as a consequence, choosing someone else’s destination and not your own. The course to a destiny of your own choosing is ALWAYS rough, full of obstacles and challenges. So quit complaining when the path is not smooth IF and only IF you are choosing your own path.

if you are on another’s path and you find it full of obstacles, then get the hell off of it! The only reason that you would ever be on a path that was full of obstacles would be if it was a journey of your choosing. That makes the difficult journey worth it.

Guy Reams

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