The 365 Commitment

Day 1000

I did it! 1,000 days in a row of following the first habit that I created. Effectively the 365 day commitment that I made has now turned into 1,000. Everyday I have got out of bed at 5am and prayerfully created a list of the most important things to accomplish that day ad every evening I have prayerfully reviewed my performance against that list. In addition, I have written a blog entry on the thoughts and observations that I have had along the way. Pretty amazing experience to say the least.

Today I am contemplating what I am now calling the “M Contact.” The M Contract is my next 1000 day contract. What am I going to achieve in 1000 days from now and what commitment am I going to make to get there? If you do not know, M is the Roman Numeral for 1,000. Hence, my M contract. The formula statement is simple for the M Contract. It states, I am willing to do <fill in here> in order to get <fill in here>.

So what audacious goal or goals do I want to achieve!? What am I willing to do to get there? To gain an audacious goal, I need audacious commitments! Everyday commitments. What am I willing to do everyday for the next 1000 days?

This is the question isn’t it?

Guy Reams

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