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It is ok to ask for help. Let me repeat that, it is ok to ask for help. You will discover that many people would actually respond and be willing if you were to just simply ask. Often we will throw up our hands in frustration or silently murmur to ourselves that no one is helping, they are ignoring me and leaving me to handle this all by myself. If you find yourself in this scenario, I have a news flash for you. Everyone has problems.

In fact, we are all obsessed with and faced with a myriad of issues that we are trying to work on all the time. People, for the most part, would not mind helping another. In fact they would probably welcome the opportunity. Helping another helps you feel good about yourself, is a break from the stresses of your own world and actually allows you grow as a person. We instinctively want to help others, it is part of our nature as humans. However, it is absolutely unreasonable for you to think that anyone is capable of recognizing when you need help and start to help you without you asking. Now there maybe times when your outward expression of a need is so obvious that someone will extend a helping hand, but those are usually reserved for the physically manifested issues. All other issues, that are not easily seen, will not catch enough attention from someone to ask you if you need help.

Now you may occasionally run into an a super amazing person that has this incredibly innate ability to read the emotions of others AND have a desire to help other people. That person is rare and I have noticed that they really do not fit in the world very well. They die young, tend to be a bit recluse and are teased incessantly for their “strange” behavior. When you get upset because no one is helping you, what you are really saying is that you wish everyone around you was like this, able to read your emotions and be willing to drop their own challenges in life and focus on you. Seriously?

Nah, best is just to ask for help. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much help you will actually receive.

Guy Reams

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