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There are sources of power in our lives that give us strength, purpose, and motivation. It seems like it makes a ton of sense to expose yourself to that source as frequently as possible. What is amazing to me is that we will often avoid that source, why?
Is it because of guilt? Fear? A laziness of avoiding responsibility? We will complain loudly that we are discouraged, depressed, disappointed and yet we will still not seel the source of power.
Most people will claim that source of power is God or something similar. I am amazed at how many people that I meet that claim that God is their source of strength and yet by their own admission do not pray all that often.
It seems to be absolutely true that the more exposure you get to God, or whatever you call your source of power, the strong you will be. This is nothing to be afraid of, fearful of, or really that much work. Make this simple. Increase your exposure.

Guy Reams

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