The 365 Commitment

Put in More

People that are wealthy invest more than others. They put more in. People that are really super fit, put more time in the gym and nutrition plan. They put more time in. Sales people that have great relationships with clients put more time in with them. That is all there is to it. Put in more.

Of course to do that you have to make choices. You cannot put more in on 10 things, you have to narrow down to a few. The perfect example is sales. When a sales person narrows down to fewer clients they are able to put more in and consequently get more in return. The folly is the person that thinks scattering a wide net will lead to success.

Wide nets get surface fish, and they are always small. You have to put more effort in and lower levels to get the bigger fish. You just have to put more in to get what you really want.

When you are facing competition, you always have to ask the question – am I putting more in than my competition? That is really the answer. Over time and with determined effort the person that is putting more in will always come out on top. It is a universal law written in the universe.

Guy Reams

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