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This concept of Life Hacking has become vogue. Effectively shortcuts you can take to make life easier. Improved ways of sleeping, eating, traveling and other ideas. I read one where the havker was talking about a method of only buying three items of clothing, just a few in different colors. Then by mixing them in a certain way you would have over 18 different outfits. That is a life hack, I suppose. Taking a vacation for less than $50 bucks a day, without staying in a creepy hostel might be another. I read another one this morning by someone who figured out how to predict your REM rythms in the early morning hours so that you could wake up refreshed everytime. Life Hacks.

Well, I have a great one. It is a very simple one. It is not very popular these days. However this life hack has been implemented by human society for 20,000 or more years. It is called, getting married. Now it really helps if you get married to a good person, someone who can lift you up, but I am here to say that getting married and deciding to spend life with a companion that can be yoir constant ally is the best life hack that Incan think of. Now, I know some of you will say, well the man that married turned out to be a complete asshole, or the woman I married was actually a possessed demon and that was not disclosed when we were dating.

That is potentially true, but that does notean that getting married to the right person is a bad idea. When you have a union, a bond with another you have an opportunity to gain significant benefits. Just because those benefits are not always realized does not mean they are not there. I have been married, as of today, 24 years. I have to say that the decision to get married, especially to my particular sweetheart, was the best decision of my life.

In terms of life hacks, I have a full time counselor, cheerleader, mentor, friend, confidant, and co-conspirator all wrapped up into one. When you do find someone who truly compliments you, the bounty from that discovery lasts a lifetime. I have no advice for finding this treasure. On one hand, I got extremely lucky. I clung onto the first pretty girl that would say hi to me and hung on for dear life. As it turned put, she was a good soul too. Secondly, marriage is a investment. You have to put time and energy into it. Beneficial relationships build over time.

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