The 365 Commitment

The Art of Doing What Sucks

430am. Wind has picked up. Cold rain coming down. I am supposed to do my body weight training program this morning. This is really going to suck. So how do I prevent myself from blowing it off this morning?

First Strategy: Do not think, just do. If you give yourself anytime to think, your primal brain will take advantage of that fact. You need to be half way through the thing that sucks before your mind even recognizes what is really going on.

Second Strategy: No idleness before the hard stuff. Do not do calming or easy things before the thing that sucks. This will give you motivation to stall. The way to accomplish this is to do the hard things right away in the morning. Get them done first.

Third Strategy: Repeat. I do not need that. Your mind will want to invent some special tool, gadget, item before you can get started. If I just had a good exercise mat, then I could do the morning body weight exercise. No, actually I do not. All I need is me. That is it.

Fourth Strategy: Later is never. If you say in your mind that you will do something later, you are lying. Just admit when you say later, you are bailing out on your commitments.

Fifth Strategy: Take a deep breath, only one, and start. The worst moment is the first. Once you have got past that, you will discover that it is not that bad after all.

So now, go do what really sucks!

Guy Reams

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