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One of the most popular parables of all time is that of the Parable of the Sower. This is one of the parables attributed to Jesus Christ and is found in the New Testament. Not all parables are Christian, and in fact many of the parables found in the Bible are similar in nature to other parables that have been past down throughout human existence. Many ideas and concepts past through time are similar and one of the techniques of human society to remember important concepts and principles is to pass them to the next generation in the form of short story.

Anyway, there are probably lots of spiritual implications behind the Parable of the Sower. If you have not read it, here is a brief recap. Jesus compares the receiving of the word of God or faith to that of a seed falling onto different types of ground. The way side, stony ground, among thorns and on good fertile soil. As you can probably guess all of the seeds that feel on the non-fertile soil do not make it, but the seed that make into fertile soil do. From this teaching, we can assume that people who have faith and nurture their souls properly will get results from receiving and following the words of God, however others will not. They will be distracted by other cares and concerns.

However, the point of this message is not necessarily to apply to the teaching of the “word.” However, I certainly recommend that, my goal here is to emphasize this really important concept. All of us are required to participate in some community of people. For work, for church, for a volunteer organization, our kids’ soccer team, whatever. In order for us to have a good experience working with others we to have some faith that the organization will achieve its goal. You can call this good soil. You have some degree of faith that the outcome will be positive. If you do not then you are effectively going to be one of those seeds that cast by the wayside.

The point is that you CANNOT be the naysayer all the time. You cannot be the antagonist all the time. Even if you do not like all aspects of what you are being told to do, or taught, or the way it is being done – in order to be successful you have to CHOOSE to accept. Once you choose, then you can be an agent for success, effectively you will be good ground. Jesus did not come out and say this directly, but it was definitely implied. The soil on which the “word of God” is being planted is your own attitude! If you do not have good intent, faith, an positive attitude then you are just not going to succeed, at least in the organization that you are trying to be a part of.

Here is a thought. Whatever it is you are dealing with right now, you are participating for a reason. If you are going to participate no matter what, then why not improve your attitude? Why not become good ground?

Guy Reams

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