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Simple Plan Executed Well

I was reading up on a famous German investor, who was an frequent contributor on Forbes, Heinz H. Biel. He was not an incredibly successful investor, but he was pretty good at it. He did not pick a lot of stocks, but he picked good ones and they grew pretty consistently and paid good dividends. He had a rather simple plan, executed cleanly. As a consequence he did pretty well for himself, a lot better than me! That is for sure.

So what is it that causes us to shoot way above the mark, do attempt something far more elaborate then just doing something simple, yet good. Most of us, myself included, could do anything simple really well. I mean I am smart, reasonably intelligent and I definitely work hard. So why is it that I cannot just focus on the simple?

Why do I have have to make everything do damn hard? You see the thing that prevents people from success, or wealth is not that they are not smart enough, it is that they are not willing to accept just how simple it is.

Guy Reams

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Patricia L Reams
Patricia L Reams
2 years ago

Then take your own advice and DO NOT do the 100 mile marathon
Love Mom

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