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The Goal is to Fail

I have written on this subject before, but it hit me hard again today. So many people try to create plans that guarantee or ensure success. They create the “perfect plan” that is supposed to be successful. The problem is that they will never create the perfect plan, because that idea does not exist. Repeat there is no such thing as a plan that will guarantee success, because success is not possible really. The only for sure guaranteed thing you will get is failure. So if failure is inevitable, then we need to create plans that are designed to fail!

If you plan to fail, then when you push yourself, your team or whomever around you to that point of failure, when the pick themselves up off the ground they will look around and realize that they made a lot of progress. Progress as it seems is what we achieve on the way to failure. It is repetition toward continued failure that we become successful.

When today’s goal fails, but tomorrows goal achieves it but fails on the more lofty goal, then you know you are doing right. You can only be successful at things that you have failed at previously.

Guy Reams

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Amanda Dalzell
Amanda Dalzell
2 years ago

Thanks Guy. This is very helpful as my team begins a new fiscal year.

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