The 365 Commitment

The Unobtainable

The unobtainable is actually the most motivating. This is not a conventional way of thinking but it is a correct way of thinking. Humans gravitate toward inspiring and unobtainable goals. If you set an obtainable goal, people will nod their head, agree and then do nothing. Set a really high, impossible to reach goal and people will step over themselves to sign up and take on the challenge.

Lesson #1 – set unobtainable, pie in the sky, lofty, unreachable goals.

Once you do that, then create a path to get there. Where you are the author of the unobtainable, then the people will naturally believe that the path that you have created is the way to get to the impossible and will accept and follow your outlined course.

Lesson #2 – create the path for people to follow to the unreachable.

Now that they are on your path, create measures so that the can see how they stack up. Give them small bridges to cross and feel good about their progress. When they have something to measure against, each time they receive a reward they will really start to believe that the impossible is possible.

Lesson #3 – create ways to measure progress for your path.

Next thing you know, your impossible will have occurred and everyone will stand around slack jawed at your amazing accomplishment. What evidence do I have this works? Easy. From Weight Watchers, to Mary Kay. From Buddha to Jesus. Find the impossible, create the path, measure progress.

Guy Reams

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