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A few years ago, my wife’s father was nearing his last days in the hospital. One night he asked me to make him a promise. He asked that I put flowers on his mother’s grave. Well, I made the promise. Now I had every intention of fulfilling his request, but years have gone by and I have never found the time to go by the cemetery and take care of this commitment. I have thought of it many times and have born the guilt of not doing so. Well today, I finally fulfilled the promise. Sorry it took so long, Clarence.

Unfortunately, this promise kept came with a heavy cost. My wife’s brother Keith passed away and today we buried him near his grandparents in this same cemetery. Not only did we put flowers on his mama’s grave, but we buried his son there as well. Needless to say it was an emotional day, probably a life changing day for me. Life is very precious and I realize now more then every how important family and friendships really are.

Guy Reams

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Kathy Donnel-Meister
Kathy Donnel-Meister
2 years ago

Everyday we are blessed with is a gift. Be thankful. Always live like it’s your last day on earth and tell those around you how much they are loved. Life here is so very short.

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