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See Beyond Your Field

A common concept in agricultural communities is to see beyond your own field. This is one of the roots behind meeting spaces, churches, community organizations that are found in rural areas. A successful farmer can never look only at his own field because neighboring conditions have a direct impact on your livelihood. The symbiotic relationship in agricultural extends to the other humans inhabiting your surrounding environment.

This is good advice even for those of us that live in more urban environments however, here is what you have to watch for. You are disconnected. You do not live where you work and for the most part any products or materials created or consumed are done many miles away and often times across the globe.

You do not see beyond your field because you really cannot see your own field. That is disconnecting you from reality. Really need to think about having an opinion on matters when you are in such a disconnected state. Perhaps we should listen to farmers more?

Guy Reams

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