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Perfect 10

So I remember reading Ben Franklin’s autobiography when I was younger. He created this grading system in which he evaluated how he did in achieving certain values in a given day. I decided to do something similar in that I have come up with 10 things I want to get done everyday, no matter what. The 7 core habits I have built out of this commitment, do not count, but the 10 extra things to make any day perfect I have recorded down. Now doing those 10 things will not ACTUALLY make the day perfect, but I can at least say, I did a good job that day. So I created 10 things.

Those 10 things may change, but at least I have 10 things that I need to accomplish to score a perfect 10. Each item gets a score of 1. So how is my day going? I have a 4 right now. Ugh. My week is probably going to end up with less than 30. Sucks. What would I have to do to score a 70 week?

Give it a shot. Write things 10 things down that you need to do daily to make it a perfect day. What is on your list?

Guy Reams

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