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Back in Black

This was one of the names of one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever made by a band called AC/DC. In fact, if I were to create a time capsule, for generations 1000 years from now to know what rock and roll was, I would include this album (and a few others). The album is named after the title track song, which is also a legendary song. Vintage Malcolm and Angus Young, the Australian crazy guys. Angus Young is an incredible guitar player, let me just say. I saw him play in the Long Beach Sports Arena in the late 80s. When he played this song, it was like the gods of rock calling their children home. My young teenage mind was blown, face melted, ear drums bled and that night salute the masters of rock, I did.

At any rate there is a double meaning to this song. First is the idea when you are back in black you are going back to old habits, usually bad ones. Also, when you are in the black you are profitable again as opposed to being in the red. In the idea of the Young brothers, both were probably true at the time. That song and the album certainly sent them into the stratosphere in both categories, drugs and profits.

Amy Winehouse had a similar titled album called Back to Black, also a double meaning. However, hers seemed to play on the idea of going back to old habits and also going back to wearing black like what you might do at a funeral. The ultimate feme fatale. Also a great album, even though it is quite sad as well considering her death not too many years later. Still, it captures a mood and a feeling that only she could really sing about, even if it was tragic.

Either way, both the songs and the urban use of this phrase capture the idea of getting back to what you are good at, back to what you enjoy and back to being successful.

So I am back in black.


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