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Pandemic – Done

Ok, my family has had this covid thing twice. We have been shot in the arms and butts. We have taken over 20 tests, spit in cups, had stuff jammed up our nose, an worn hepa filters, n95s, shield mask and useless cloth things around our face. My ears hurt from being pulled on all the time. Now I have to log into a website and acknowledge my kids have been exposed to covid every 3 hours. 41 kids and 11 teachers have our currently as of this moment. I got a robocall and emails for each child multiplied by the number of kids discovered with a cough today.

There is just no longer any rhyme or reason to public policy, or practices, cultural, or otherwise. I have been in airports, hotels, hospitals, schools in the last few weeks and there is just no consistency. We do not know what we are doing and why were are doing it. The social isolation has had a very big impact on my children and countless others.

I really do not know how other people feel, but I have contracted this covid thing twice now and I am just officially done with it. In my mind the pandemic is just over. Frankly based on what I am hearing from people in public areas that I hear talking about it, they are pretty much done with it too. Time to get back to living life.


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1 year ago

Kindergarten agrees with you.

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