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So all the new rage in corporate america is shrinkflation. I was looking at a “20oz” bottle of Coca Cola and realized it was no longer 20oz, but rather 16.5oz. Start looking at more of what you buy, you will see this everywhere. Companies are shrinking what they provide for the same price. It is really obvious in the restaurant and hotel industry. You get a hotel room, but if you want it cleaned, well that is going to cost you. Restaurants are starting to charge for refills again.

We have all noticed this, but you are definitely getting less for the same price or even more in some instances. So not only are we feeling the impacts of inflation, but goods and services are impacting us as well. We are under the influence of shrinkflation.

I wonder if the same applies to our work ethic? Should we start to shrink our work hours? Or perhaps shrink various other things. Shrink our consumption for example. Maybe we can delivery 35 work hours instead of 40 for example. Actually, looking around I think many people have just decided to stop working all together. This is not a good outcome is it?

Anyway, just an observation. I am seeing signs of this Shrinkflation everywhere.


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