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Time Under Pressure

I am starting to realize that the single greatest thing we can do to improve, in any area of our lives, is to increase the time under pressure. With weight lifting, for example, if you want to see the greatest improvements you can increase two things. The time you are exerting effort against weight or the amount of pressure against your effort. Either way the more time you spend under pressure, the more rapid your gains and improvement will be. This seems to be true in all things. Running for example, a form of exercise much different than weight lifting, also follows the same principle. The more time you spend on your feet running the more gains you will experience. It is also true that if you increase the pressure, the speed or incline, then you will also see gains.

This is also true in less obvious examples. Take sales efforts for example. The more time you spend contacting clients, the more time under pressure, the more success that you will have. This is a very simple formula, and it is amazing to think of all the effort that we will spend doing anything and everything except for talking to clients. The key and most important to success in sales, is time with potential buyers.

The same goes for most anything we want to be better at. So you may want to consider this question. Why, if you want to get better at something, do you avoid spending time in that activity? If you want to get better at something, spend time doing it regardless of how poorly you perform. You will get better, inevitably.

Guy Reams

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