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Understanding is Solving

I was contemplating the sheer audacity of certain people in tackling complex problems with a simple solution. You hear of genius level people and some not so genius people creating a way to do something that is so obvious and yet revolutionary that it transforms society. The ability to pay someone with electronic transference of currency for example. How annoying is getting someone exact cash, or writing a check. Now we venmo. Waiting for, scheduling a taxi was completely annoying as well. Going to a store to rent a DVD was not that great either. All of these great inventions were born out of a simple solution to a really annoying problem.

So here is something to ponder. People did not come up with great ideas for these annoyances because of their sheer brilliance. They came up with them because the really understood the problem, after dedicating considerable time to try and figure that problem out.

Here is a very simple, but powerful truth. If you really understand a problem, you will solve it. There is no hope otherwise. The more you understand the problem the more likely you will solve it.

Guy Reams

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