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10 before 10 Rule

When I was younger, I met a very wealthy older man. He was very relaxed and joking around about this “tough” day. I asked him how he could be so relaxed and that is when he relayed to me his, “10 before 10 rule.” When he was my age, he had a rule. Earn something like 10K before 10am. He would work his tail off starting at 5am until 10am and would not give up until he earned 10K in revenue from sales. If he succeeded he would take the rest of the day off and go do something fun or relaxing.

When he got older that 10K became 100K and the rule continued. At this older age he was now at 1M per day. I thought that was impossible. He said, it would be impossible selling cars, but not selling investments. By this time, his money and his investments were already generating him a significant amount of money each day, and his morning ended pretty early after a few calls, a few trades, a few deals closed.

He had developed such a habit, that everyday was effortless, repeatable, and profitable.

This man became a myth, a legend in my mind. I know only can aspire to such an ideal, but the concept of getting the most important thing done every day before 10am certainly has merit. Is your most important thing making money or something else?

Guy Reams

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