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Inflation on Dreams

So when I was a child I dreamed of how awesome life would be when I got to a certain level. The thought was if I could be a millionaire then life would be so grand. Well now that I am older and I have got to the point of my childhood dreams, now I think to myself, well if I could be a billionaire life would be grand. So what is going on here?

Well there are two potential issues as I see it. First, my childhood dreams were not big enough or a did not calculate the impact of inflation on my dreams. So my view of awesomeness when I was 10 is a whole different concept 40 years later. Second, maybe inflation had a small impact but the real problem is the dream itself. Maybe a monetary dream of what success means is the whole problem in the first place.

Something tells me if I ever get to a billion in assets, then I will 1. Still be complaining about taxes. 2. Still be worried about money. 3. Still frustrated that I am spending to much and 4. Still not feeling that I am where I want to be. So I think I am leaning toward the later. Dream inflation is not the concern, but your dream overall is the issue.

Dreams need to be about things that cannot be corrupted, inflated, deflated, depressed, or sold. They need to be made of richer, more fulfilling conquests. So the concept of being a millionaire, a billionaire, and trillionaire are all equally the wrong pursuit.

Guy Reams

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