The 365 Commitment

The Wise Blue Moon

Once every blue moon, I will run into someone that has vast experience and using that experience teach me more in 5 minutes than I have learned in countless hours of study, trial and error and other buffooneries.

Late last night my son and I got my boat out of a boat yard where it had some mechanical work. Since it was after hours, we were picking it up where the crew had left it. they had no concern at all for my lack of experience in backing out a boat in tight conditions surrounded by luxury yachts. There was no turning radius, so my only hope was to back out and successfully maneuver a winding course through tight conditions with millions of dollars in damage waiting on both the port and starboard side.

As my son and I were just about ready to disembark on this bold and perilous course, a man slightly older than I offered to help. He extended me courtesy, seeing as I was the captain of my own vessel, but it was obvious to both of us that I had no idea what I was doing. He made a suggestion, performed a small trick with tying the bow of the boat down and then told me to turn the propellers in one direction and that I should let the wind to the rest of the work.

With faith, I let that happen. Sure enough the wind spun the boat around as if it was nailed to the one spot and in a few seconds we were completely turned around. He released the bow of the boat and pointed out to sea and waved me goodbye. Yes, in a few short minutes I learned of courtesy, kindness, wind, waves, and propulsion physics with no words exchanged. Just a smile and a few hand signals.

Just a reminder. Experience is and probably always will be the best teacher.

Guy Reams

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