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Leadership is over rated. We have books, podcasts, training seminars all talking about the principles of leadership. What about following?

Perhaps I will figure out the 7 principles of followership and write a book on that topic. It seems that in life we are asked to be a follower much more often than being a leader. Perhaps we could be a little better at it?

After all, if you think it through every major religious leader had “followers,” and not a bunch of leaders. So why are we so focused on the art of leadership and not following? Perhaps it is because following is more difficult?

Principle 1 – Listen First. Good followers are also really good at listening and fully understanding before offering an opinion.

Principle 2 – Intention Matters. Good followers know that a person’s intention really matters. If you have the right intent, you will truly and honestly care what other people are trying to accomplish and genuinely try to help them.

Principle 3 – Talk is Cheap. Good followers know that talk is cheap, and that actions are what really matters. People who aspire to leadership talk too much. People who follow love to receive good direction and just go get it done.

Principle 4 – Nobody is Perfect. Followers do not look to their leader as the epitome of perfection. They realize that all leaders are going to make mistakes and have short comings. They listen to the good and they act.

Principle 5 РHave Defined Goals. Followers have defined goals, real goals. Instead of trying to impose their goals onto others, they utilize what others are doing to help them achieve  their own. They seek for partnership with others to achieve mutual interest.

Principle 6 – Treat Others as You See Them. Followers tend to help others become better people, better leaders, better at being good people. Followers help make things happen for the glory of others and not themselves.

Principle 7 – They Say No. Followers know how to say no. People focused on being a leader all the time say yes to everything. A good follower knows when it is appropriate to decline.


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