The 365 Commitment

Day 16 – Doers of the Work

I am in some rural country town in the middle of Nevada. I came across some people that were just remarkable. One of the women was the owner of a local food bank, and a restaurant in the town. I reflected on how all these messages of hate, rights, and disparity going on in our country here is a woman that is just quietly doing the work.

In ancient Jewish lore the Kingdom of Hezekiah came under attack. By miracle, Hezekiah was able to fend off the Assyrians. After he decided to restore the Jewish temple. He turned to the ones that kept the temple and asked them to help him. He called them the doers of the work.

I wonder after we are done tearing down the fabric of our society, that we will also need to turn back to these quiet doers of the work and ask for their help to rebuild?


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